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Hollywood Stars back Budge Boycott- every single one of them

October 27, 2010
Pitt Clooney Damon

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In a media coup we can reveal that the Budge Boycott of Carrefour‘s flagship store in Lezignan Corbieres has now formally received the support of every single Hollywood star, both alive and dead.


Campaign organiser, Pierre Bucleur told an astonished press conference to day that the backing of such figures will really turn the heat up on Carrefour’s increasing besieged management.


“Using the Google “opt-out” approach to privacy we can reveal that not one Hollywood Star has written to us to say they don’t back the Budge Boycott.”


“Here today I can confirm that we have not received any e-mail from George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Steven Speilburg, or any other famous name- we did receive an e-mail allegedly to be from Silvester Stallone but that turned out to be a Viagra spam e-mail and we don’t believe it actually was sent by Mr Stallone himself, unless his IP address really is in Kazakstan.”


Opt-Out campaign support is a controversial methodology of enlisting celebrity supporting, however Pierre Bucleur defended it strongly on two counts, “Well if it good enough for something as important as online privacy for the world’s largest media organisation it’s good enough for the Budge Boycott, and secondly Hollywood Stars are very busy people, we didn’t want to be bothering them with the hassle of actually opting in to such an evidently worthy cause.”


This massive show of support surprised financial analysts the world over- Paribas chief economist, James Witherington-Twitter told this reporter that the passive support of such a group of cultural giants could trigger off massive street protests in France and across the European Union. “We saw the impact on the streets of Greece, Spain and France caused by such remote events as the Financial Crisis and the Reform of the French pension scheme, how much more real and immediate to the poor and dispossessed is the Carrefour discount scheme? The disruption of such crucially important events such as the 10% discount on Pancake mixture and such startling offers as BOGOF offers on Nutella (trans: Buy One Get One Free) will really hit them hard. Expect trouble” He warned ominously.


We can confirm that Mr Kenneth Budge did not visit Carrefour Lezignan Corbieres today- the Budge Boycott stands firm


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