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Budge Boycott Bites

October 25, 2010

Ken Budge’s one man boycott of Carrefour Lezignan has financial analysis is a tither. Paribas chief economist, James Witherington-Twitter, told this reporter that the long-term impact of the Budge Boycott could undermine the company’s global expansion. Witherington-Twitter estimates that the estimated that the Budge boycott is probably reducing sales at the crucially important Lezignan Carrefour by between 30 and 40 euros a week, making an annual total of between1,560 to 2080 euros. Carrefour’s total global sales in 2009 were €96.2 bn. “This boycott represents 1/46153846 of the Company’s annual turn over. If another 5 million people take the same action we could see Carrefour’s turnover fall to that of a market stall”.

Pierre Bouchot, Carrefour’s Chief Financial Officer dismissed Witherington-Twitter comments as a clear exaggeration, our own analaysis shows that Mr Budge spent around 15 euros a week at the Lezignan outlet. “Tthe real figures mean that it would take around 10 million extra supporters to cause the type of effect Mr Witherington-Twitter has foolishly predicted. We are aware that Mr Budge has many friends but we do not think that even he can pull out so much support” claims Bouchot.

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